more Jew Hatred on Facebook: 80,000 people mock Anne Frank and Holocaust

After years of documenting what we feel is Facebook’s negligence, double standards, hypocrisy, abuse of power, selective and subjective TOS “enforcement”, proud stand allowing Holocuast denial, general arrogance and elitism, creation of fake countries, discrimination against Jews, and sucking up to Islamic jihad supporters, the JIDF is exhausted. Why should we even bother doing all this to expose the issues, when all the mainstream Jewish establishment organizations are still asleep at the wheel, as they receive millions in donations only to keep their firm grip on the status quo and not help with these problems whatsoever?

People are apparently afraid to take on Facebook, lest they upset Facebook. G-d forbid your Facebook presences will be deactivated or threatened if some powerful elitist at Facebook does not like your point of view, or criticism of the company (like what happened to the founder of the JIDF and others…)

But we digress….

There’s an issue which we should have covered when we first learned of it, but instead, we davened, in vain, in hopes it would just go away.  Unfortunately, these problems never go away, they just get worse.  There is a cancer of antisemitic and jihadist content online and its growing more and more every single day.

Currently, 77,605 people are mocking Anne Frank on a Facebook page called Anne Frank – Hide and Seek World Champ 1942-1944:

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