Festival des Vieilles Charrues

More than 80 groups will invade the Festival des Vieilles Charrues [Old Ploughs Festival] (in Bretagne) [Brittany] from 16 to 19 July 2009.

Through his incredible, spontaneous and unexpected history, the Carhaix event has already been looked on as extraterrestrial in the festival world. The village festivity has become one of the greatest outdoor musical events in Europe, and has retained the very special spirit of its beginnings. A unique way of being and doing, where authenticity, conviviality, simplicity and a lot of pleasure remain the values loudly claimed by the organisers of the Vieilles Charrues [Old Ploughs].

The festival-goers will touch the stars with the “Big stars” of this edition: Bruce Springsteen, and also Moby, Lenny Kravitz, Francis Cabrel, Bénabar, The Killers, Suprême NTM, Renan Luce, Lily Allen … Together with them, the brilliant comets Birdy Nam Nam, Charlie Winston, Alela Diane, The Ting Tings, Julien Doré, The Rakes… will create a sensation in the Kerampuilh sky. New constellations in musical space, Izia, Coming Soon, The Jim Jones Revue, Naïve New Beaters… will thrill hearts.

A free hand will be given to the programme planners’ favourite otherworldly label, the most American of the French labels, Fargo Records. Not forgetting the improbable, the creation which will bring the Frères Morvan and the Tambours du Bronx together again. As well as the contagious fever surrounding the three large stages, the Vieilles Charrues [Old Ploughs] also promise more intimate emotional moments on the banks of the Garenne, the favourite setting for street arts and the cream of Breton artists.

The three-day packages and one-day tickets are on sale on the Vieilles Charrues [Old Ploughs] Web site at 75 euros and 32 euros, a little more than one euro per show.

Practical information:

Association Les Vieilles Charrues [Old Ploughs Association]
Carhaix – Bretagne
+33 02 98 99 25 45

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